Meet The Team

Karen Jones

Specialism(s): Watercolour,Floral, Geek, abstract and whipshading.
Availability: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A bit about Karen Jones
Karen is the owner of Galaxy tattoo, she is a self taught artist with a passion for florals, abstract, watercolour, geek and black work. She is a dragon loving, vimto drinking woman with an obsession for Star wars, vikings, game of thrones, bearded dragons and ghosts! She has always loved to draw since she was a small child (especially instead of doing school work!) and mainly uses coloured pencils and promarkers to create her art work. Karen is inspired by nature, colour and all things geek. She is now a published artist with Jenny Clarke Designs, her designs are available to buy through their website      

Jack Truesdale

Specialism(s): Old school, realism,
Availability: Wednesday Friday Saturday
A bit about Jack Truesdale
Jack is the newest member of our team here at Galaxy, he has just started his apprenticeship with us so we are excited to see how he develops. He has a background in fine art and business.  He has a unique style of his own when it comes to designing tattoos which make for a great addition to our team.    

Lea Brown

Specialism(s): Realism, weirdism, Leaism, abstract,
Availability: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A bit about Lea Brown
Lea is a laid back fellow and member of our team here at Galaxy. He has a diverse taste in music and film.  His knowledge for factual information is astounding, he would make an amazing pub quiz companion! He has been around the block a bit, tattooing in alot of well known shops in Liverpool and has bags of experience. Lea loves to create realism tattoos but will turn his hand to anything making him a good all rounder.    

Nial Taziker

Specialism(s): trash polka, skulls, black work, cuppa making
Availability: Tuesday Thursday Friday
A bit about Nial Taziker
Nial is our apprentice here at Galaxy tattoo.  He has been learning for a while now in many different shops, he still has far to go but that only makes him more determined to become a tattoo artist.  Don't tell him but we mainly have him at the shop because he is brill at making a cuppa! Nial has a varied taste in music, loves many films. He is also a proud dad and enjoys time with his family. He has a passion for dark realism tattoos, but trash polka seems to be his main obsession.