Meet The Team

Karen Jones

Specialism(s): Watercolour,Floral, Geek, abstract and whipshading.
Availability: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A bit about Karen Jones
Karen is the owner of Galaxy tattoo, she is a self taught artist with a passion for florals, abstract, watercolour, geek and black work. She is a dragon loving, vimto drinking woman with an obsession for Star wars, vikings, game of thrones, bearded dragons and ghosts! She has always loved to draw since she was a small child (especially instead of doing school work!) and mainly uses coloured pencils and promarkers to create her art work. Karen is inspired by nature, colour and all things geek. She has recently created a lovely new colouring book, which can be found on our shop page. She is now a published artist with Jenny Clarke Designs, her designs are available to buy through their website      

Jack Truesdale

Specialism(s): Old school, realism, script, experimental,micro realism
Availability: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A bit about Jack Truesdale
Jack is our Junior artist here at Galaxy. He is a quick learner when it comes to his tattooing, he is currently building his skill set with the guidance of the Galaxy team and help of a few friends who have donated skin space. He has a background in fine art and business.  He has a unique style of his own when it comes to designing tattoos which make for a great addition to our team. Jack loves to do miniature realism and lettering, he is our all rounder who will have a go at anything you bring him.    

Natalie Allen

Specialism(s): Neo traditional, linework, floral
Availability: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A bit about Natalie Allen
Natalie has been with the galaxy team for nearly a year now, she is well liked by our clients who find her easy to chat with, they love her unusual designs and tattoos.  She has grown so much as a tattoo artist in the last year and we at Galaxy are all proud of her. Nat has a portfolio of  designs, which include lots of quirky space themed designs, script work, comic, anime styles, you name it she will probably have it, and if not she would be happy to do custom designs for you. Nat would like to take on some larger work in mainly oriental, space or comic/ anime themed styles, so if you are looking for some great tattoos at a decent price, Galaxy is the place to be. So come in and say hi to us all.